What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that sets out how you want your estate (the total value of all that you own) dealt with when you die.

Your Will must be in writing and, for it to be valid and not open to challenge, it must comply with certain formalities.

In addition your Will…

  • Specifies which beneficiaries (people and organisations) you want to benefit from your estate.
  • States who your Executors are – the people who you have appointed to deal with the administration of your estate.
  • Ensures that your Executors have the necessary powers to deal with the administration of your estate.
  • Can set out your wishes for specific items or possessions.
  • Can set out your funeral wishes.
  • Can specify whom you have appointed as Guardians and Trustees of your minor children.
  • Only comes into force on your death.
  • Can prevent unnecessary pain, stress and worry for your loved ones.
  • Protects what is precious to you.

To help you find the information you need, we have created a free Guide to Wills, which covers all aspects of preparing a Will and answers all of your questions. You can request a copy here.

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When Should You Make a Will?

Making a Will is not something to put off “until later”.

Last Year, 70% of people who died in the UK did not have a valid Will in place – an incredible figure when you realise that, for an investment of just £135 for one person or £180 for a couple, you can have in place a professionally written, legally binding Will that ensures your final wishes are carried out.

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“Our meeting with the consultant was amazing. He explained everything very clearly and suggested things we had not considered. We have already recommended this business and will continue to do so.”J Andrews, Sussex
“When my husband died WSL were extremely helpful and informative, guiding me through the process of probate.”Mrs Ryan, Middlesex
“I am just about to start filling in the probate forms and I thought I would send you a quick mail to say thank you for the wonderful service and help that you have provided us. I met with Radhika and Zafna on Monday and I can say without doubt that they far exceeded my expectations, so much so that I felt the need to write this email to you today. Not only did they print out the necessary forms and letters for me, but they were able to understand the intricacies of my situation and resolve uncertainties with HMRC there and then. It looks like you have a couple of able deputies who are able to give clients the reassurance and advice that they are looking for in a professional and kind manner. My sister and I will certainly be using your company going forward for our own will needs, and I can confidently say that I would not hesitate to recommend your company to anyone seeking will writing and related services.”Dan Sivagnanaretnam, London

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