Do I Need A LPA?

You should consider making LPA arrangements if you are at risk of losing the ability to make sound decisions regarding your own financial and personal affairs.

You should also act now if you have been diagnosed with, or have a family history of, a condition that might impair your decision-making, such as…

  • Dementia
  • Stroke
  • Mental health issues
  • Drug or alcohol addiction

However, your mental capacity can be compromised by other, unforeseen, circumstances such as an accident, or the side effects of surgery, so a Lasting Power of Attorney is something that everybody should consider.

The important thing to remember is that even if you (and your partner or spouse) have a Will in place this will only take effect after your death.

Lasting Power of Attorney gives you control over what happens to you and your affairs during your lifetime and so both have an important role to play.

“Having a Lasting Power of Attorney should be as common and natural as making a Will”
Jack Straw, former Lord Chancellor

If you are unsure whether you should consider arranging either a Property & Financial Affairs LPA or a Health and Welfare LPA (or both) you can speak to one of our advisors by calling 0208 380 0333 or 0800 083 1835. Alternatively, use the short form at the top right of this page, or email

“Everyone should make a Lasting Power of Attorney to ensure their wishes and rights are protected”
Neil Hunt, Alzheimer’s Society

To get started, call us on:

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“I wish to thank WSL for making this act so painless after years of prompting myself to act 'tomorrow' which, as we all know, never comes or takes a very long time.”Mrs Marks, London
“Our meeting with the consultant was amazing. He explained everything very clearly and suggested things we had not considered. We have already recommended this business and will continue to do so.”J Andrews, Sussex
“Mum needed to update her will, but had had a bad experience with the previous company. Your consultant was so thorough and patient with her, and made sure she understood everything. Mum felt so confident that she also arranged Lasting Power of Attorney. The appointment was 100% focused on Mum and her needs and not once did we feel rushed – it was our time. The consultant was there for Mum to do what Mum needed to do. ”Mrs Dean, Milton Keynes

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