Step-by-Step Guide

Four Steps to creating a Lasting Power of Attorney…

Whilst a Will details your wishes for what is to happen after you have passed away, a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) details what you want to happen whilst you are alive but have become incapacitated for any reason.

Therefore it often makes sense to discuss creating an LPA during your Will preparation meeting with your WSL Legal Consultant.

However, you can create a Lasting Power of Attorney at any time.

Step One

Contact us by phoning 0208 380 0349, by emailing or by completing our web form. We’ll have a short telephone conversation about your situation, and then if appropriate we’ll arrange for one of our Legal Consultants to visit you. This can happen in your home at a time that’s convenient for you, daytime or evening, seven days a week.

Step Two

During the appointment your WSL Legal Consultant will go through everything with you in detail. They will explain the legal powers of Attorneys, who you can appoint, the different types of LPAs and how to structure your LPA to ensure that your Attorney is able to act on your behalf.

Step Three

The Legal Consultant will then ensure that they have a full understanding of your circumstances and will carefully record your wishes and decisions.

They will then take payment so that our legal department can start drafting your LPA documents.

Step Four

Within 28 days of your appointment our legal department will send your LPA documents for your approval, along with clear guidelines on how to sign and witness them.

After this, they are sent to be officially registered with the Office of the Public Guardian, which must be done for them to become effective.

WSL makes the whole process as quick and easy as possible for you, giving you the best advice and the highest standards of service.

Get in touch with us now – we’re here to help you. To get started call 0208 380 0349, email or complete our web form.

To get started, call us on:

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“Great they are available at the weekend ”Natalie Trindle, London
“Our meeting with the consultant was amazing. He explained everything very clearly and suggested things we had not considered. We have already recommended this business and will continue to do so.”J Andrews, Sussex
“I simply want to go on record as saying both my sister and I were most grateful to your consultant for his patience and obvious professionalism when he met with us. It seems likely to me that dissatisfied clients will, from time to time, quite quickly and easily rush to lodge a formal complaint whilst satisfied clients may simply accept excellence as par for the course. Hence, please accept this as recognition of excellence in practice.”Mr Cleary, Surrey

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