Free Guide To Wills

If You’re Considering Writing Your Own Will … You MUST Read This Guide First

Knowing that your personal, financial and business affairs are properly “in order” can give you great peace of mind.

The certainty that your loved ones will be provided for, or that your hard-won legacy will continue in the event of your passing is something that really cannot be replaced.

But today it’s easier than ever before to find a ‘DIY’ or ‘online’ Will Writing service that may seem to give you all this security for a fraction of the price of a professional Will writer’s services.

And for some people, a DIY Will can be a perfectly serviceable option that allows you to make your final wishes clear and legally binding.

But … DIY Wills are not right for everyone – and just because they look straightforward doesn’t mean things can’t go expensively, and upsettingly, wrong.

If you want more information on preparing a Will, if you are considering which option is best for you, then this free guide gives you the facts.

In this Free Guide from WSL, you’ll learn whether a DIY Will can offer you the security, protection and peace of mind you’re looking for, and you’ll discover how to avoid some of the most common Will writing mistakes that too often mean:

  • Children’s and dependants’ care is thrown into question
  • Loved ones do not inherit the belongings and money you want them to
  • Expensive and bitter battles erupt over conflicting or unclear Wills.

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